What a Steamboat Springs Real Estate Buyer Should Avoid

1. Don’t wait for the perfect house... there isn't one. Compromise & prioritizing are necessary elements in home purchasing.

2. Don’t buy before you do some comparison shopping...especially if you’re new to the Steamboat Springs area.

3. Don’t write an unrealistic offer or you will simply help someone else’s offer look good (too low of a price...too many contingencies).

4. Don’t feel a need to negotiate if a property is fresh to the market, priced right and popular...the good ones often go quickly and at full or close to full price.

5. Don’t think all real estate agents and companies are created equal...they are NOT.  Find an agent who will represent your interests. Hire an experienced Buyer’s Agent!

6. Don’t be afraid to write an offer above or below the asking price...offer what it is worth to YOU.  I would be happy to help you strategize.

7. Don’t work with more than one agent.  Find one you like and stick with them.  If you make a bad choice, change but stick with the new ONE.  Loyalty goes both ways. Seek an agent who dedicates their services to buyers.  Hire an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent first.

8. Don’t wait for perfect conditions to buy. The best time to buy is when you have found the right home.

9. Don’t get too many friends and family involved in your buying decision...you’ll go nuts!

10. Don’t wait until you find a home to shop for the best loan. Start up-front.

11. Don’t wait until after you find a house to be qualified for a loan. Do it upfront.

12. Don’t be surprised if you get buyer’s remorse before closing...most buyers do. It is normal, and it will pass.