Service Providers You’ll Want to Consider When Purchasing Your Steamboat Springs Home

Buying a home is no easy task. There are many technical aspects of a home that need to be researched before purchase, so putting together a strong team of experienced professionals to help obtain a clear understanding of the property you are about to own is important. Below are several disciplines needed to conduct proper due diligence.

1. Buyer’s Agent

2. Home Inspectors or Testing Specialists

  •          General Inspector
  •          Radon Gas
  •          Lead Paint
  •          Well Inspector
  •          Septic/Sanitary Systems Inspector
  •          Soil Engineer
  •          Structural Engineer
  •          Hydrologist
  •          Asbestos Inspector

3. Mortgage Loan Officer

4. Surveyor

5. Appraiser

6. Insurance Agent

7. Attorney

8. Title Company

9. Interior Designer

10. Property Manager

11. Rental Manager

12. General and Sub-Contractors

9. Moving Company

I have a full list of the most qualified service providers in the Steamboat Springs area to help you make a knowledgeable and confident purchase.