Important Questions a Buyer Should Ask an Agent

Your real estate success will depend a large part on the broker you retain. You’ll be divulging confidential information with your agent, so trust and confidence is fundamental. Before jumping in their car and looking at a property, ask a few good questions, so you know who you will be relying on for one of the biggest investments you’ll make.

  1. Do you specialize in any type of property?
  2. Do you represent more buyers or sellers?
  3. How many buyers are you working with?
  4. What type of properties are those buyers looking for?
  5. Do you prefer working with buyers as a Buyer’s Agent or Transaction-Broker?
  6. How many years have you been practicing real estate?
  7. How many annual transactions have you averaged over the last five years?
  8. If I sign a Buyer Agency Agreement and you want to change our agreement to a Transaction-Broker relationship, can I terminate it and seek a broker who can represent me?
  9. After the interview, does your agent appear trustworthy, caring, reliable and committed to helping you reach your goals?
  10. Will he / she advocate for you?
  11. Does he / she have the experience and knowledge you feel confident with?