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Welcome to the Steamboat Real Estate Analyst & Newsletter. I write The Analyst to educate my clients on the Steamboat market with my personal knowledge, research and insight so they can make the best decisions in their real estate matters.

I'd be happy to answer your questions or discuss any topic with you – or let me know if you have a subject you would like me to research. I'm always looking for interesting topics to write about. Reading The Analyst is the best way to stay on top of the Steamboat Springs real estate. If you’re not on my mailing list and keeping current with the real estate trends and happenings in Steamboat, email me for your complimentary quarterly subscription.

Winter 2024
The “New Norm”

Spring 2024
It's All Relative!

Summer 2024
Coming Soon!

Fall 2024
Coming Soon!

Winter 2023
Big Market Swings

Spring 2023
Single Family Home Drought

Summer 2023
STR Property Values Surge 

Fall 2023
Why Are Prices Still Increasing?

Winter 2022
A Record Breaking 2022!

Spring 2022
Fractional Ownership

Summer 2022
Making the Right Move

Fall 2022
The Straight Scoop

Winter 2021
One For The Record Books!

Spring 2021
Opportunities Beyond Steamboat

June 2021 Newsletter

Summer 2021
Luxury Market Update

September 2021 Newsletter

Fall 2021
Where Have all the Condos Gone?

Winter 2020
2019 "Steady as she goes"

Spring 2020
Who's the Best in the West?

Summer 2020
COVID - 19 Update

Fall 2020
Market Breaks Records

Winter 2019
What Turned in 2018?

Spring 2019
Where Are the Listings?

Summer 2019
Tide Shifting for Steamboat Land

August 2019 Newsletter

Fall 2019
Steamboat Market Slowing Down?

Newsletter Fall 2019

Winter 2018
Back to 2007?

Spring 2018
Geographic Nuances

Summer 2018
2018 Pivotal to Condos

Fall 2018
Steamboat Timeshares

Winter 2017
Few 2016 Disappointments

Spring 2017
Stagecoach Revival

Summer 2017
Absorption Rate is Key 

Fall 2017
Foreclosure Update

Winter 2016
Hi's, Lo's and Surprises of 2015

Spring 2016
Inventory Tightening Up

Summer 2016
Key Condo Considerations

Fall 2016
Luxury Market Update

Winter 2015
Return to 2007?

Spring 2015
Throw Supply/Demand Out

Summer 2015
Hot (and Cold) Market Areas

Fall 2015
Market Back to "Normal"?

Winter 2014
The Importance of Buying Slopeside

Spring 2014
Trending Reveals Interesting Opportunities

Summer 2014
Entry Level Buyers Need to Act Quickly

Fall 2014
Past, Present and Future of the Market

Winter 2013
Residential Poised for Takeoff

Spring 2013
Time to Buy Land?

Summer 2013
Market Expectations

Fall 2013
2012 Year in Review

Winter 2012
Steamboat Condos Making a Comeback

Spring 2012
Steamboat's Real Estate Report Card

Summer 2012
Distressed Properties of Steamboat Springs

Fall 2012
What Direction is the Steamboat Market Heading?

Winter 2011
Did 2010 Buyers Time the Market?

Spring 2011
Market Back to Its Knees?

Summer 2011
Where the Buys Are

Fall 2011
Market Continues to Improve