Common Closing Costs

The following list is a general itemization of the costs associated with a real estate purchase.  Every transaction has its own peculiarities.

  1. Down Payment (less Earnest Money)
  2. Flood Certification
  3. Tax Servicing Fee
  4. Title Company Closing Fee
  5. Title Endorsements
  6. Recording Fees
  7. Owner’s Title Policy
  8. Notary Fees
  9. Survey (if needed)
  10. Inspection Fees – Structure, Well, Septic, etc.
  11. Homeowners Insurance Premium
  12. HOA Quarterly Reserve and Dues Proration (if in HOA)
  13. Courier Fees (if needed)Attorney Fees (if needed)

If financed, add…

  1. Title Company Loan Closing Fee
  2. Mortgage Insurance Escrow
  3. Home Owners Insurance Escrow
  4. Loan Origination Fee and Points
  5. Appraisal Fee
  6. Credit Report
  7. Property Taxes Escrow
  8. Mortgage Title Policy
  9. Mortgage Interest Adjustment
  10. Plus Other Miscellaneous Fees