Truths About Today’s Steamboat Market That Every Home Seller Needs To Know

Truth #1:
Buyers buy after “shopping around”. In their search for the best buy they are comparing your property to the others on the market

Truth #2: 
Sellers control the pricing and marketability of their homes but buyers control VALUE. A property is worth what the market (buyers) will pay.

Truth #3: 
If a property sits on the market for more than a few weeks it gets shop worn (stale... like an old donut). Price it right initially while it is fresh and buyer interest is at its peak.

Truth #4: 
Most properties must be sold three (3) times...

o the real estate agents with the buyers. If they don’t see it as a decent value, they may not show it.

o    Second... to the buyers. If they don’t see it as an attractive offering, they’ll look elsewhere.

o    Third... to the lender who will make the loan and the lender’s appraiser. If this group doesn’t see the value... no loan.

Truth #5:
What it means if...
No Showings: Agents don’t see your offering as worthy of showing to their buyers. Or, buyers themselves aren’t interested enough to look.
No Offers: Buyers don’t see enough value to even negotiate or try to buy.

Truth #6: 
Overpriced properties actually help well-priced properties sell.

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