Steps To 'Safe Selling'
That Every Home Seller Should Consider

  1. Do an honest, detailed "Seller's Disclosure". Check with your agent and/or attorney for details

  2. Offer a “Home Warranty/Protection Plan" to the buyer of your property. See "Home Warranty Policy Checklist... For Sellers".

  3. Remove valuable personal property like jewelry, etc. before allowing your home to be shown.

  4. Have a lock-box system placed on or by the front door. If this is not possible, have some other system to track who shows the property.

  5. Have all necessary inspections that can be done before buyers look at your property. Examples include, but are not limited to building codes, municipality inspections, title work, etc. This lessens the chance of you losing a buyer due to a surprise after accepting a contract. See "The Interior Items That Buyers REALLY Notice".

  6. Never show your property to someone who hasn’t been properly pre-qualified.

  7. Hire a real estate agent/company or real estate attorney to represent and guide you through the many details of the home selling process. See "Questions A Seller Should Ask Agents Prior To Making Their Agent Selection".