Making Your Move Less Stressful.
A Checklist to Make Sure Things Get Done

Things To Do ASAP After Deciding to Move

  • Contact a moving company and tell them the dates you plan to move. Set up a date for an agent to come over and survey your goods. Unless you’re given a binding estimate, the cost can vary, depending on the actual weight of items and any extra services.
  • Decide if you are going to pack for yourself or have the movers do it.
  • Transfer or resign from organizations and associations.
  • Collect suitable containers & packing materials if you plan to do the packing yourself.
  • Start to use up things that can’t be moved, such as frozen foods, canned goods, and flammable household aerosol cleaners. Buy only what you will use before moving.
  • Prepare a list of friends, relatives, business firms, and others who need to be notified of your move.
  • Consider having a garage sale to dispose of unwanted clothes or furniture.
  • Assemble packing materials:
    Boxes, felt-tip markers, large self-stick labels, newspapers, utility knife, packing peanuts or bubble wrap, packing tape, furniture pads, dolly, scissors.
  • Pack an “Instant Aid” box containing things you’ll need upon arrival:
    Sponges, paper towels, powdered detergent, paper plates, toothpaste, light bulbs, hammer, trash bags, hand soap, toilet paper, scissors, utility knife, coffee cups, tea kettle, first-aid kit, snacks, pencils and paper, masking tape, bath towels, and shelf liner

Things To Do 30-60 Days Before the Move

  • Establish credit in your new city. Arrange for a transfer of bank account funds and the contents of your safety deposit box.
  • Check personal insurance policies to see whether moving is covered. Transfer fire, theft, and other personal property insurance to ensure coverage at your new home.
  • Gather information on prescriptions. Get current phone numbers and addresses of your doctor and dentist.
  • Arrange to transfer school records and secure transcripts from the local school district you are leaving. Get copies of your records from doctors, dentists, accountants, etc.
  • Plan to cancel all utilities.
  • Pick up all dry cleaning and anything left at the tailor.
  • Set a date to cancel the newspaper.