Stop! Look! Listen! A Warning to ALL Home Sellers

1. Price. Believe it or not PRICE ranks higher than location in most studies on this issue*

2. Views. Nearly all Steamboat residents, be it full or part time, will choose a property because of the views that the property offers.

3. Proximity to Recreational Amenities. Convenience to the slopes, fishing, hiking, biking, shopping, etc. are all important factors that go into the equation for buyers.

4. Neighborhood. Pride of ownership, homogeneity of the area, physical attractiveness of the streets, etc.

5. Quality. There is no substitute for quality, and the workmanship and materials that go into a home are very important to Steamboat area buyers.

* Of the above mentioned items, you as a seller have the most control over price (Quality can also be a controlled item). So it is important to price it right from the start while it is fresh to the market.