For Serious Sellers Only
The “Top Dollar, Timely Sale, No Hassle” Plan

If you want a top dollar, a timely sale, and no hassles like:.

  • Keeping your house clean and tidy for days, weeks, or months
  • Numerous interruptions in your life for “showing appointments”

this plan is your DREAM COME TRUE. Simply follow these 5 steps:

Step 1. Price your house at the lower end of your property’s realistic range of value.

Step 2. Market your house for two (2) weeks before ANYONE is allowed to view it. No one may see it until your open house.

Step 3. Get your house “market ready” during those two weeks. See"13 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Showing".

Step 4. Get your house “open house ready” the day before and the day of your open house. See "16 Steps To Get Ready For Your Open House".

Step 5. Get ready for offers (potentially multiple) the day of your open house. See "8 Critical Issues To Consider When Negotiating The Sale Of Your Home".