Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the mountain community of Steamboat Springs in northwest Colorado is every bit as picturesque as one can imagine it to be, so it's no surprise  why more and more people are choosing to make this their home.  If you’re interested in investing in property here, it's always a good idea to choose the best  real estate broker - one who can help you find that ideal Steamboat Springs property just like he was buying it for himself.

With over 300 Steamboat Springs real estate brokers, how does a potential buyer decide who is right for them?  Throughout all of the members in the Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors, only one offers over 30 years of experience and dedicates his or her service entirely to buyers.  My experience and knowledge of the Steamboat area will greatly aid you in your search and ultimate  purchase.  As an exclusive buyer’s broker, you can rely on me to look out for your interests throughout the entire process.

Traditional realtors change roles and allegiance for their own benefit.  When they take listings they either  represent the sellers’ interests by signing a listing agreement that states their duties to the seller and sets a commission that the listing agent is paid for his or her services.  If another broker has a client purchase that property, the commission is typically split between the listing and buyer broker.

However, if the listing agent, in his advertising efforts, gets a call from a buyer off of his ad or sign, most all brokers will then decide to become a Transaction-Broker, for they will double their commission from working simultaneously with the seller and buyer.  When doing this, however, that broker cannot advocate for either party.  This may sound harmless on the surface, but the fact of the matter is that the listing agent and seller had to have a prior relationship (they could be related, neighbors, friends, attend the same church, or perhaps the listing agent helped the seller buy the property and they have known each other for years).  Even if the relationship precipitated from the listing, to get the listing the listing agent had to give the seller a presentation, which included the agent’s services, a price opinion and how good the listing agent is for the seller to get that price.  It is hard to think that this Transaction-Broker is going to treat the buyer the same way they treat the seller.  A Transaction-Broker’s duty is only to do paperwork.  Even if the buyer asks, these brokers cannot give any opinion as to property value, condition or negotiation strategies to help a buyer.  But there’s a great advantage to the Transaction-Broker, as their commission will be double and they have no liability to either party.

Traditional real estate offices are designed to first solicit listings and then find a buyer for those listings.  The last thing they want is for an outside broker bring an offer on their listing and lose 50% of the commission.

Lastly, and if the need arises, traditional brokers can be buyer’s brokers.  They are generalists, still working with sellers, providing diluted services and loyalties and compromise their client’s position.

By dedicating 100% of my time and services only to buyers I have developed a specialized practice focusing on what buyers want.  Because I owe no duty to any seller, yet have full access to the Steamboat Springs MLS, for-sale-by-owner and developer owned properties, I can best help buyers locate properties that meets their needs, negotiate a price and terms favorable to them, look out for their interests throughout the contracting, due diligence and closing processes, and get them in the property within the support they want and respect they deserve.  And there is no fee for my services.    

I opened Buyer’s Resource Real Estate of Steamboat in 2000.  It has been very gratifying to build loyal and lasting relationships with clients, being able to honestly answer their questions and bring up concerns I have with properties from my extensive real estate knowledge.  To help my clients become successful and delighted from one of their biggest and most important investments is my greatest satisfaction.

In 1997 I moved my wife, two daughters, a son and two dogs to this wonderful community.  We have loved every minute, and I would enjoy discussing how I can help you make Steamboat Springs a more permanent part of your life, too.  I’d be privileged to help you in your journey.

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