Six Truths About Today's Marketplace
That Will Help Any Buyer Be More Realistic

1. There is no perfect house......when you find a house/property that is consistent with your top few priorities - consider writing an offer. Seldom does a buyer find a property

that has more than 85% of what they want/need.


2. The popular properties priced right go quickly.


3. Package yourself and your offer so that both look good to a seller.  You may be in competition with one or more buyers for the same property.  See "Keys To Making You & Your Offer Look Great".


4. The home buying process is complex, so consider using professional service providers such as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, attorneys, etc..


5. If value and price are important to you, have an appraisal or Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) done on the property BEFORE buying it.  To make sure the property has value, I will conduct a CMA for you prior to writing an offer.


6. Don't be surprised if and when you get buyer's uneasy feeling about your buying decision.  Most people question their decision to purchase at some time during the process.