The 5 Big Mistakes Most Home Buyers Make and

How You Can Avoid Each One


1. They select the wrong agent and/or company to help them!  Buyers need to hire a specialist and someone who will look out for their interests on any propety they want to buy.  This can only be done with the assistance of an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent (EBA).


2. They don't act quickly enough when they find the right house...and someone else buys it.  I’ll write enough protection clauses to help you if you decide to get out of the contract at a later date, but if you find one that works, make an offer!


3. They don't make themselves and their offer look attractive to the seller...


4. They don't think resale BEFORE they buy...


5. They don't ask the lenders enough questions, or the right questions so they don't necessarily get the best loan for them.