Important Questions a Buyer Should Ask an Agent

1. Are you an Exclusive Buyer Agent or are you a Traditional Agent?

If he or she is an Exclusive Buyer Agent, then your search is over!  You know they will have the ability to look out for your best interests throughout your entire search and purchase process, and the potential conflict-of-interest issue is totally eliminated!


2. If a Traditional Agent, will you treat me as a customer or a client?


3. What determines the difference?


4. If you have a listing that I want to buy, will you become a Transaction-Broker and change to treating me as a customer or will you hand me off to someone else in your office?


5. Will the person you hand me off to be a subordinate of yours?


6. Will you disclose confidential information to the seller if I buy one of your listings?


7. If I have to sign a Buyer Agency Agreement and you decide to change it to a Transaction-Broker relationship, can I terminate it and seek a broker who can represent me?


8. Does your agent appear trustworthy, caring and committed to helping you reach your goals?

9. Is he or she going to advocate for you or just play tour guide and do paperwork?