Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?
Questions to Ask Yourself

There are several items that a professional real estate salesperson can provide to you while in pursuit of your new home. Here are several items to consider when asking yourself whether or not you will benefit from the assistance of a real estate professional.


1. Do I have time to research the market?


2. Do I have the knowledge to integrate and understand the information available to me?


3. Can I research, compile and analyze public information into useful data that can help me accomplish my goal of home ownership?


4. Do I have the expertise to negotiate price, terms, and other items on my own behalf?


5. Do I have the ability to find a qualified home inspector, attorney, lender and other real estate professionals needed to assist me?


6. Do I have the time to research the home loan programs available in the market?


7. Do I have the time to interview mortgage loan officers and keep in touch with them with the correct communication throughout the contracting period to complete the loan process?


8. Do I have the time and expertise to target market, if necessary, for the type of property I am looking to purchase?


9. Do I know the zoning regulations and building codes pertaining to residential real estate in the area I am interested in moving to?


10. Do I know the neighborhoods, condominium complexes, HOA rules, municipal services, schools, hospitals, amenities and all other nuances with the property?


11. Do I know all of the contingencies I would need to have to make sure the property is what I think it is?


I am an expert in the Steamboat Springs real estate market.  I pride myself in lending my 30+ years of professional experience to assist buyers in locating the best property that meets their needs, then help them negotiate the lowest price and best terms. There is more to negotiating a real estate purchase than price.  Each and every contract I draft for clients includes a substantial amount of due diligence to make sure there are no post closing surprises.  Buying any real estate property is a complex occurrence.  Having a professional looking out for your best interest is the only way to guarantee you will be happy with your purchase.  I will save you time and money in your purchase, and there is no fee for my services.