Moving Checklist for Kids

Your children may feel anxious and excited at the thought of a moving adventure. To ensure that they are most comfortable in their new surroundings here are some suggestions.

  • Be sure to investigate the local children attractions in your new destination
  • Park District Programs may be available for class enrollment
  • Research the ages of children nearby
  • Assist in getting the kids' rooms set up first
  • Rental movies might help keep kids occupied as you begin to get moved into your new home
  • Have snacks and drinks available on moving day
  • Special book(s) or craft items and games may keep the kids occupied on moving day
  • If the children are young, a babysitter may assist you in being responsible for the kids on the day you move into your new home.
  • Have a change of clothes easily accessible for the kids
  • Any medications that are taken on a regular basis should be accessible to you