Private residences in the Yampa Valley come in all shapes, sizes and prices, and they range in age from pre-1900 to brand new. Homes may be purchased as a primary, retirement, vacation or rental / investment home. With a myriad of variables to consider, your exclusive buyer broker is knowledgeable and ready to help match the perfect property with your desires. Although there are many factors that go into the purchase of a single family home, some of the more important considerations include:


When buying within the town of Steamboat, there are two very distinct areas: 1) The “Mountain Area” surrounds the ski base, and 2) The “Town Area” which surrounds the downtown area and also includes the “Old Town” district. The Mountain Area provides easier access to the slopes and grocery stores and the free town shuttle is more integrated into the neighborhoods. Town Area inhabitants enjoy easy downtown access plus the public schools, the Core Trail, Yampa River and Howelsen Hill recreation complex.  If you’re looking for a cabin in the woods, there are plenty of locations in a variety of directions from Steamboat Springs. Real estate values are typically lower the further away from town a property is located.

Style & Design
There is nothing like the rustic elegance of a well designed mountain home. Warm earth tones, a functional floor plan and thoughtful positioning of the home to take in sun and views are critical.

Snow is a major reason most of us live here, however, it could prove to be a problem if the house is designed with roof pitches dumping snow in front of entrances, garage doors, etc. There are many other factors one needs to consider when owning a home in snow country, and your exclusive buyer’s agent will be there to point out those concerns.

Property Condition
The high country climate can be pretty rough on a home, but building techniques continue to improve. Remember, an exclusive buyer’s broker, who is looking out for the buyer’s interest on all properties, has the ability to give you his / her opinion on the condition of the property, how the property was cared for and potential flaws. However, once a home is under contract it is still highly recommended to retain the services of a professional property inspector who can identify additional concerns.

Use Considerations
How you intend on using your Steamboat home will play a big role in the type of home that will work best for you. If you’re a first time homeowner, you may only live in the home for a few years before you build up equity and your family needs grow, so look for a property that will serve a wide variety of needs for future ease of resale. A more mature family may want a home that will provide private space for as many family members as possible, and may want to consider commute time to school and activities. Retirement home owners may want the master bedroom on the main level. Buyers seeking a vacation property to meet the needs of a multigeneration family, where grandparents, parents and kids of all ages can come together and spend quality time together, may require plenty of room with amenities nearby for everyone to

Home Care
Second / vacation home owners should not have to worry about their home while away. For that peace of mind there are several ‘home care’ companies who can keep an eye on your property Weekly / monthly site visits, arranging for snow and trash removal, housekeeping, overseeing contractors and even stocking the refrigerator prior to a late night arrival are just a couple of services available. Technology can also help in this regard, where owners can sit in front of their home computer and monitor or set room temperatures and even see how much snow is in the front yard from their security camera.

The Steamboat lifestyle can truly be enjoyed with a single family home that meets the needs of its owner. There are many factors that come into play when searching for the right property. Worse than paying too much for a property is buying the wrong property. The best way to avoid both of these is by working with an agent who will do their best to understand your needs, look out for your best interests and help you negotiate the best price and terms for you.