Outlying MLS Search Areas

The Steamboat Springs Multiple Listing Service has identified 12 major search areas within Routt County.  They include:
  1. South Valley – Lying directly south of Steamboat Springs and east toward Rabbit Ears Pass.
  2. Elk River – This is a large area and begins at the intersection of Highways 40 and 129 and continues directly north with lands straddling the east and west sides of the Elk River until Routt County Road 54.
  3. North Routt – Lands to the north of Elk River area until reaching the Wyoming border to the north, the Continental Divide to the east and the North of Hayden search area to the west.  This is a major search area and includes the villages of Clark, Hahn’s Peak, Steamboat Lake and Columbine.
  4. South & West – Directly west of Steamboat Springs and Emerald Mountain.
  5. Grouse Creek / Blacktail Mountain / Henderson Park – This is an area of rural ranchettes toward Stagecoach and Oak Creek.
  6. Stagecoach – Includes the community and lands along Routt County Road 16 to Lynx Pass.
  7. Oak Creek / Phippsburg / Yampa – Towns in southern Routt County.
  8. South Routt – All lands not in communities but in the southernmost part of Routt County.
  9. West 40 – Begins at the “West Steamboat” area and straddles lands on both sides of Highway 40, through the hamlet of Milner and continues until reaching the town of Hayden.
  10. Hayden – Those properties within the town limits.
  11. North of Hayden – Lands north of Hayden until reaching the Wyoming border to the north and Moffat County to the west.
  12. South of Hayden – South of Highway 40 until reaching Rio Balnco County or Moffat County.
  13. Moffat, Rio Blanco, Eagle, Grand and Jackson Counties, and the State of Wyoming – The Steamboat Springs MLS does expand into these areas.  If you are interested in knowing about property outside of Routt County, please let us know and we will be happy to conduct a personal search for you.