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Mortgage Glossary

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General Warranty Deed
A deed which conveys not only all the grantor's interests in and title to the property to the grantee, but also warrants that if the title is defective or has a "cloud" on it (such as mortgage claims, tax liens, title claims, judgments, or mechanic's liens against it) the grantee may hold the grantor liable.

Good Faith Estimate
An estimate of charges, which a borrower is likely to incur in connection with a loan closing.

Graduated Payment Mortgage
(GPM) A mortgage where the payments are scheduled to increase, usually annually, for a set number of years, and then level off. GPM can be used with either a fixed or adjustable interest rate, and usually has a 30-year term.

That party in the deed who is the buyer or recipient.

That party in the deed who is the seller or giver.

Gross Monthly Income
The total amount the borrower earns per month, not counting any taxes or expenses. Often used in calculations to determine whether a borrower qualifies for a particular loan.

Growing Equity Mortgage
(GEM) A fixed rate, graduated payment mortgage with small initial payments that increase each year so that the loan pays off in a shortened term, usually 15 years.