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Options and Consequences Colorado Buyers

Need to Consider

If you are a thinking about buying property in Steamboat Springs, it is important to first understand the differences in real estate services providers.  How you align yourself with a broker is critical to your success.  

Many buyers start their search by perusing the internet or trade magazines, identify a property, then contact the broker.

Brokers advertising a property are legally obligated to represent the seller, or work as a Transaction-Broker.

Seller’s Agents are hired to “promote the interests of the seller”, which includes getting the highest price and best terms. This is not the person you want to be discussing personal matters with.

Or, they can be a Transaction-Broker.  Listing agents do this when they don’t want to be a Seller’s Agent.  They owe no duty to the seller or you. All they do is paperwork and cannot provide opinons, like if the price is too high, or suggest a negotiation strategy to your benefit. A big motivator to be a Transaction-Broker is that if he sells the property he doubles his commission.

A better option is to seek a Buyer’s Broker, who is obligated to “promote the interests of the buyers”.  This provides a certain amount of protection. However, should you decide to slightly change your criteria, say to a higher or lower price, or even neighborhood, that broker just may have your dream property listed. Keep in mind this is after you have disclosed many personal motivations and your financial status.

Your best option is by seeking an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent. They never list property and dedicate their services to buyers.  As specialists, their practice and systems are developed so buyers can make educated and wise decisions. They exhaust the market to locate the best property that meets clients needs, identify property features and faults, provide insightful opinions, and when you find your dream property, help you with a negotiating strategy that includes a price and terms favorable to you.

A recend survey of past EBA clients describe them as being honest, knowledgeable and patient. And there is no fee for their services.

If you would like the highest level of service the real estate industry offers, seek the professional services of an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, who will be on your side…always!